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Wildlife & Naturescape Art
Redoubt Bay Lodge
Above: .Brown bear nursing six-month-old cubs.

Left:  Brown bear looking for dead salmon that might have washed up
under the shoreline boulders.  
Right:  A bear can sometimes smell dead salmon through
more than a yard/meter of water.  In clear water, the carcass
can be found by sight.  However, in murky glacial milk, the bear
searches by feel, using its feet-- which stirs up mud, hence the
brown water behind the bear.  When a carcass is discovered,
the bear lifts it with its feet to its hands,
Let there be light!
Need an artistic retreat?
Redoubt Bay Lodge is beautifully suited to painters, photographers, and other artists
who want to get away from it all and commune with Nature,
while being pampered by the RBL guides, wait-staff and chefs.
Where Nature's wildlife, landscapes and cloudscapes
inspire dreamscapes of illuminated creativity
.Brown bear chasing a rival that ventured too close.
Black bear prowling the lakeshore, looking for dead salmon
Black bear looking upstream as a red salmon cautiously
approaches from downstream. So sneaky was the first that it
managed to sprint past the bear and escape.  The bear had to
settle for nibbling red elderberries, then eating red currents.  
Storm Over Black Peak
Fisher Falls
Evening Light