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Redoubt Bay Lodge
near Wolverine Creek
Although the Lodge website lists its standard prices (around $1400/person/night), you might want to book with the assistance of BVA so as to obtain
a group rate discount.  We will try for a 15% discount on that too; but no guarantees.  Remember that the sooner we have enough people, and the
more people we have,wanting to book any given tour, the stronger our bargaining power on your behalf.  
The only lodging within about 20 miles of Diving Bear
Cove is Redoubt Bay Lodge -- located one mile north
of the Cove, on the shore of Otter Lake.  The main
lodge, shown at right and below, is an historic log
structure, begun over 50 years ago, and upgraded
periodically. It contains the office, kitchen,and dining
room for overnight guests.  In 2005,  Travel + Leisure
Magazine named Redoubt Bay Lodge one of 50
Great American Adventures.

The Lodge grounds, encompassing five acres, is the
only private property in thousands of square miles
just outside the northeastern corner of Lake Clark
Park.  It lies on the coastal plain, at the foot of the
Chigmit Mountains.  For further information, contact
Views from Redoubt Bay Lodge
The lodge has 3 cabins for overnight guests.  Lakeside cabin shown
above, was the original lodge building, constructed in the 1950's.  A
favorite of guests who hunger for a glimpse of rustic life in the Alaskan
wilderness, this cabin has a master bedroom with a double- or queen
sized bed, as well as a second bedroom with a double bed and 4 single
bunkbeds.  The other two cabins -- Hillside, shown to the right, and
Trailside, are more modern and luxurious by bush standards.  Photos of
their insides can be seen at
Some guests come just to view bears and other wildlife.  Some come just to fish for red (sockeye) or silver (coho) salmon.  Many guests do both.  
The Lodge's overnight guests also have the option of kayaking, canoeing, or hiking.
Europeans to discover this part of Alaska.  When hit with a severe storm from the east, Cook found shelter for his sheep in the lee of Kalgin Island.  
An old English word for shelter is "redoubt."  So he named it Redoubt Bay.  The Bay lies at the mouth of Big River, which drains out of Otter Lake,
the location of this lodge.  Hence its name, Redoubt Bay Lodge.

Cook is also renown for finding Australia -- much to the surprise of the aboriginal inhabitants, who didn't know that their continent had been lost. The
Hawaiian Islanders were equally surprised that their homeland needed to be discovered by Europeans.  Nevertheless, they greeted Captain Cook
and his crew with open arms.  Whatever their disagreements with British colonial aspirations, they were unanimous in their agreement that the
stalwart Captain was a man of exceptionally good taste, when James and his crew joined the Hawaiians for dinner -- as the main course.  The
Islanders' only regret was that they didn't consume all the invading foreigners.
Check out  
some of the art
inspired here
in the vicinity of Wolverine Creek and
Redoubt Bay Lodge.