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Fishing Bears
Salmon school for days or weeks at the mouth of Wolverine
Creek, waiting for the Creek water to be deep enough for them
to swim upstream without becoming stranded or caught by a
bear.  Yet, when fish do run, bears are usually waiting. You can
imagine the fish whispering to each other  
"You first."  "No, you
The first few salmon to run are usually taken by bears.  While
the bears feed, more salmon race upstream, trying to reach
spawning habitat where they can mate, and .... die of
starvation.  Sockeye salmon don't feed after they leave the
ocean and enter fresh-
water.  Although there might be enough food along the way for
a few fish, there isn't enough for thousands.  So rather than
waste time looking for food, they just concentrate on staying
together -- safety in numbers -- as they swim towards the
spawning beds.  Coho salmon, that run later, do feed in
freshwater -- for there is now a food source, sockeye eggs.  
When a bear is detected, salmon in the Creek race back
downstream to the relative safety of the Lake.  But that doesn't
always work, as shown below.
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