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River Otter

Otter Lake gets most of its water from the
North and South Forks of Big River, both of
which are fed by
glaciers.  This entire system
of watersheds is encompassed within the
Redoubt Bay Critical Habitat Area and the
adjacent Lake Clark National Park.  

This Critical Habitat Area contains the last
nesting habitat in this part of Alaska for the
Greater White-fronted Tule Goose.  A photo
of the goose is shown at left, below, along
with a map of its former habitat.
Diving Bear Cove
& Wolverine Creek (cont.)
2nd-most popular bear viewing site
in Alaska, and one of the 5 most
popular in the world?  It is:

1)  Within 1 hr of a gateway community.

2)  One of only a few places in North
America where you have a  chance of
seeing both grizzly and black bears.

3)  One of the few places that you can
see bears diving to catch salmon.  

4)  Bears fish in both the Lake and
Creek utilizing a variety of techniques.
5)  Some bear are comfortable within a few yards/meters
of people, allowing for extreme closeup photography.  

6)  All viewing is done from a boat where bears do not
venture -- even when boats are so close that the bear
could jump, or even step, aboard.  (Pontoon boats are
more comfortable than skiffs; but skiffs get closer to

7) If you take one of the skiff excursions, for instance
Alaska West Air, you can spend part of your visit
fishing for salmon (which will require purchase of a
fishing license for at least 1 day). The bag limit is 3
salmon per person per day.  Your guide will fillet your
salmon and can direct you to a processor that can freeze
the fish and ship it to your home, even oversees.

8)  If you fly via Alaska West Air or directly through
Redoubt Bay Lodge (with Rust Aviation), you can stop
off at the Lodge for a restroom break, a refreshing drink
(e.g., a cold soda or beer,or a glass of wine), or to warm
up by a cheery fire if the weather turns nasty.   
9)   Spectacular scenery
When salmon are running up the Creek, they are easily
caught by brown or black bears -- providing great photo
opportunities.  Even if the salmon are't running up the
Creek, but are still pooled just offshore in the lake, you
might see bears trying to catch the fish by diving off
shoreline rocks, landing in a  bellyflop that creates a
huge wave.  You might also travel around the lake
looking for bears in other areas along the shore. The
pontoon boat will have cushioned seats and a canopy
overhead to protect you and your photo gear from the
sun or from rain, as the case may be.  
The area is also home to mallard ducks and a wide array of other waterfowl.
Otter Lake usually has
a resident pair of swans
and numerous mallards
(c) 2003 J. Toppenberg